Tile re-fixing

For hollow or loose floor tiles

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Loose, 'blown' or hollow sounding ceramic tiles. How to refix using a thin Epoxy Resin liquid without lifting the tiles.

Summary of benefits:

1. Tiles remain in place, no risk of cracking or chipping

2. Liquid epoxy sets fast and permanently

3. Re-grout as before, no change in appearance

4. Compatible with all tiling adhesives

5. Works with underfloor heating

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Method of refixing loose tiles

1. Grind or cut out the tile grout using a Dremel or other small grinder

2. Remove all dust by brush or vacuum.

3. Thoroughly mix Ultra Thin Epoxy Resin or Epoxy Primer/Consolidator in our rubber mixing bowl. Mix Ratio 2 Base to 1 Activator.

Ultra Thin Epoxy Resin for repairing hollow tiles

4. Use one of our 50cc Syringes with the narrow nose to suck up some of our Epoxy Cleaner

Syringes for fixing hollow tiles

5. Drizzle the Epoxy Cleaner into the cleaned out grout slot and leave until just damp

6. Now drizzle the Ultra Thin Epoxy Resin or Epoxy Primer/Consolidator into the damp grout slot and top up as necessary to a final level that leaves sufficient depth for re-grouting

7. Gently tap the tile to ensure that resin has penetrated - it should no longer sound hollow

8. Once the resin has hardened re-grout the tile

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