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Structural Epoxy Pouring Resin

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Filling holes, voids, cracks and splits by pouring

To Fill a Hole or Crack by pouring

1. Grind or chisel out all loose material, vacuum out the dust.

2. Using a Mixing Paddle in an Electric Drilling Machine mix the 3 parts thoroughly.

3. Pour the Structural Epoxy Pouring Resin into the hole. It will gradually self-level.

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Structural Epoxy Pouring Resin or Grout - 1.0, 2.5 and 7.5 litre - the Resin version is thinner than the Grout version

A three part epoxy structural repair material, supplied as two liquids and separate aggregate, in a large plastic mixing tub.

Designed for pouring into holes and voids in timber and concrete. Ideal for use with Epoxy/Glass, Carbon and Steel bars and plates, as part of a composite, reinforced repair structure.

Structural Epoxy Pouring Resin - easy to pour - self levels.

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Example of Structural Epoxy Pouring Resin in use - reinforcement of large decayed beam

A Manor House carrier beam at first floor level had suffered from Wet Rot and Death Watch Beetle over many years, resulting in loss of strength extending from the bearing end. By careful placing of epoxy coated steel re-bar (BS4449) to our Design the loss of long grain strength could be made up with multiple connectors, the Structural Epoxy Pouring Resin then completing the composite, reinforced repair structure.

Pouring Structural Eoxy Resin into a large timber , reinforced with steel

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Structural Epoxy Pouring Resin as part of a Timber-Resin Splice Repair to a small joist

Joist Ends - the joist ends above an occupied flat were badly affected by Dry Rot.

These were replaced with TYPE C Timber-Resin Splice Units which consist of new, pre-manufactured timbers to match the original, with pre-bonded epoxy coated steel re-bar connectors. The pouring resin here is in a two pack, 1 litre pot, for small repairs.

Pouring Structural Epoxy Resin into a joist end repair - Timber-Resin Splice

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