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Crack Filling in Wood and Masonry - structural repair with Injection Resin

How to fill Cracks and Splits - summary

1. Grind or cut out the crack to make a clean slot at least 15mm x 15mm in section.

2. Remove all dust by brush or vacuum.

3. Inject Thixo Rapid, to block up the face of the crack if under 100mm wide, or apply Epoxy Primer liquid by brush and whilst tacky lay in the putty-like repair mortar, Moldable Epoxy Putty.

4. Drill a 6 to 10mm diameter hole through the filled crack face, when the resin is hard. Remove all dust by vacuum.

5. Inject Thixotropic Epoxy Injection Resin or Thixotropic Epoxy Injection Resin Slow Set, using our pointed nozzle held against the drill hole.

Only requires a normal Skeleton Gun.

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How to choose a crack repair method and material

General principle - cut out the cracks with a saw, Router, masonry grinder, or Allsaw, to form square edged slots, and remove all dust and debris. Avoid V shaped slots - the repair will be much weaker.

Repair Thickness - the more material that we can put in to the repair, in terms of width and depth, the better it will be able to accommodate natural movements caused by changing temperatures and therefore the better it will last.

Injection - inject Epoxy to repair the split behind the filler. Continue until the resin comes out of the next hole.

Caution - Always consult a Structural Engineer and the building's Insurers before proceeding.

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Crack Injection - into hollow render

To treat delamination or hollowness, drill a 5mm - 10mm diameter hole into the crack every 100mm to the depth of the separation between layers. (hollow area). Inject Epoxy Primer or Thixotropic Injection Resin until it exudes from the next hole. Test for hollowness with a plastic hammer until the delaminated areas cease to sound hollow.

Injecting hollow render over tanking using syringes and Epoxy Consolidator

Injecting cracks in masonry using a syringe. Syringes - in 10cc, 20cc and 50cc sizes.

Epoxy Primer Consolidator - available in 500cc and 1 litre, two pot, liquids.

Thixotropic Epoxy Injection Resin - available in 400cc, two pot, gels, with cartridge kit. Slow Set version also available.

Thixotropic Epoxy Injection GelInjecting a wall with Thixotropic Injection resin

Thixotropic Epoxy Injection Resin. Injection using a standard 400cc Cartridge.

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