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Pour self leveling Structural Epoxy Pouring Resin

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Structural Epoxy Pouring Resin - supplied in 2.5 litre and 7.5 litre tubs

For machine and steel beam mounting beds, load bearing pads and heavy duty bases. Ideal after shimming, to pour under a machine or load bearing mounting to provide a permanent structural bed.

This is a three part, self leveling epoxy Resin, supplied as two liquids with a separate aggregate powder, in a large plastic mixing tub. Ideal for forming strong, uniform bearing areas and mounting pads for machinery and bearing support pads for timber and steel structural beams. Also designed for pouring into holes and voids in timber and concrete. Ideal for use with Epoxy/Glass, Carbon and Steel bars and plates, as part of a composite, reinforced repair structure. It is self degassing and can be poured in stages, with no thickness limits.

Structural epoxy pouring resin

Pouring Structural Epoxy Resin being pouring into a machine mounting.

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Casting Epoxy Resin for a steel bearing into a shutter box

Pouring epoxy resin in a demonstration box

Epoxy being poured into a shutter box for a steel support pad.

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How to cast a Machine Base or Bearing Pad:

1. Cut out all loose and damaged concrete or timber - remove all dust and debris.

2. Reinforce if necessary - ask for our Free Design Service - cut slots or holes for Steel, Glass, Carbon or Stainless Steel Rods.

3. Bond rods into place - by injection with Thixotropic Epoxy Injection Resin or Structural Epoxy Pouring Resin.

4. Fill - complete the repair with Structural Epoxy Pouring Resin. Top up to the final level.

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